I strive to write about the fleeting, yet sacred moments in life that define us, as well as the universality of emotions and human nature. I absolutely love capturing situations where ordinary people make a difference and/or prevail extraordinary circumstances. I love characters that are heavily flawed because the brutal honesty of each relatable flaw is beautifully human. These are the stories I live to share with others. Ultimately, my goals are to impact readers in a way that makes them look at something in a different light, or see something they may have never noticed before. It is easy to become distracted and overwhelmed in our bustling, modern society—I hope my stories remind readers of what truly matters and offer insight into the human condition.

Along with my passion for writing, I have been very honored to intern with The Florida Review, and it was during this influential time that I found an equal passion for editing. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Art.

Visit my Q&A to read more specifically about my writing lifestyle.

Additional topics I am interested in:

  • Time travel
  • Parallel universes
  • Steampunk
  • Alternative societies
  • Psychology

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