I love lists; they make this world feel a little less chaotic.

Any writer will tell you that to be a successful writer you must be an avid reader. When we read we are really upholding two roles: the influential, analytical writer and the passionate reader. While reading, we find ourselves drawn to particular styles and topics, and ultimately this is the foundation for our own writing. Whatever genre you are drawn to, you hope to model. As an analytical reader, you are able to see what is successful, what is not, and as an influential writer you are able to learn writing techniques used by your favorite authors and make them your own.

My passion to write about ordinary, beautifully flawed people overcoming extraordinary circumstances and alternative societies, quite a shift I know, stems from the enjoyment and perspective I gained when I read about such topics. The authors below have not only entertainment me with their stories, but they have also helped me discover myself as a writer. With every story I read, I pay attention to the type of language and characters I am drawn to; the novels listed below are ones that have stayed with me throughout my journey as a writer. 

Authors I admire for their subject matter:

Playing Favorites:

Publications I Love:


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